Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ihenga and his dog.


1.They were small, with long hair, pointed
ears, strong jaws, the hair on the tails were
very long

2.they used the hair for khukuri

3.They shot them because they didn't want
them attacking their sheep

4.After pakeha arrived in Aotearoa the kuri

5. What are middens?
Very old rubbish dumps mainly containing
shells and bones.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Image result for polynesian canoe
IALT: Skim and scan to find key information
IALA: Polynesian wayfinders

Skim and scan through this article to solve the following questions. The words
that are bold will help you to skim and scan for the answers.  

Where did the canoe start and complete its journey?
The boat, the Hokule’a, took three years to journey around the globe.
Its crew navigated without modern instruments, using only the stars,
wind and ocean swells as guides.

What did the crew use to navigate?
They aimed to use the same techniques that brought the first Polynesian
settlers to Hawaii hundreds of years ago.

What does “Malama Honua” mean?
(74,000km) on this latest trip,
known as the Malama Honua voyage, meaning to care for our Island Earth.

How many crew were there?
The boat had a crew of 12 or 13 people at a time

Now read through the full text and summarise what you think the article is about in your own words:
The article is about people traveling in an canoe. They were traveling
(74,000km). It had taken for a long time to build the canoe.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

wearable art

Wearable art

Creativity and style. Custom with cardboard,
sellotape, and string. We worked together as a team. We used one off our mates for
the model off what we were designing. We
used our materials for the design. We
added some attack weapons for the model.
One off my were going to be an dinosaur. It
was not long until it was an success for the