Thursday, November 23, 2017

Koro's medicine

Koro’s medicine by Melanie Drewery
This book is about a boy going to his koro’s house. He felt shy.
I like this book because it is about curing people, cuts,disease,and blocked noises.

The new word that i've learnt is Rongoa which means Maori medicine.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

caring for others

Today I read Caring for others
By Susan Martineau
This book is about being Respectful to everyone
I like this book because it will help us be respectful to everyone and caring for everyone

A new word that i learnt was Caring which means helping someone out.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Athletics Day

Athletics Day
“Go Dereon” said my mum. When It was runing time my mum cheered for me and my nan recorded me running. When the teacher called out the age of 9 I went down to the field to go race. I was waiting for the people to race so that i could race in. when it was my turn to race Ms Aireen              said 3 2 1 GO!

I ran as fast as i can to win the race. I did the 50 meter race. I came second to last. Then we did the 100 meter race. we had to go to the other side off the field. Ms Aireen said, 3 2 1 GO!

I ran to the end i was hoping that i come first but at the end i came second to last again. Then we did the relays but i wasn't called out for the 9 year olds so i went to my mum. They were racing around the track. Ms aireen said, 3 2 1 GO!

Then they ran around the track they were so fast and so confident. When it was over we did our charts then when  it was finished we went to class to grab our bags and go.