Friday, September 22, 2017


`There are 10 carrots in a row and there are 8 rows. How many carrots are there altogether. 80

A farmer plants cabbages in his field. He need to have a distance of 1 meter between two seedlings. If he has 5 rows and each each row is 10 meter long, how many seedlings can he sow.  10

A farmer has to fence the patch of a square vegetable garden. One side of this garden is 6 meters long. How much fence does he need to fence all sides of the garden. 24 meters

There are 25 apples on each tree and there are 10 apple trees. How many apples are there altogether. 250

A farmer has one avocado tree for every two apple trees on his farm. He has a total of 30 trees. How many avocado and how many apple trees does he have? 10 avocado trees and 20 apple trees

A farmer has 160 cows and four paddocks. He shares them equally in his paddocks. How many cows are there in each paddock? 40

There are 24 pigs on a farm. A third of the pigs went to the water pool. How many pigs were left on the farm? 21

A farmer plants 28 capsicum saplings on a quarter of the patch. How many saplings can he plant on the whole patch? 92

There are 120 cows on a farm. Each cow gives 6 litres of milk everyday. How many litres of milk is produced by all the cows in a day. How much would they produce in a week? The farmer sends half of the produce each day to a cheese factory. How much milk would he be sending by the end of the week? 720 a day 3600 a week   


Swimming recount
On Monday afternoon we were going to the pools. There were only three classes on the bus. The names of the classes were room 8, room 5, and room 6. We were set to go to the pools. When we got there there were instructors there to help us with swimming. The water was sparkling When we walked past it. The pools that we went to was Lagoon pools in Panmure.

All of us were excited to go in the pools but this time some of us went to the big pool. Some of us were scared because when they hop in they can't touch the ground. So some of us went to the big pool. We had groups to. We were in the orange group with Kat the instructor. Some off room 8 came over to. The water was heated. So we all jumped in the water and went on the black platform.

we were learning about all of the different swimming that the people do in the pools. So first we were learning about floating on our back. We had to make a star with our legs and arms on our back. “Where is the platform” i asked kat. “It's by where my name is” kat told me. Then when i got where the kicking board were i got on the platform.

Then our instructor gave us a high five for swimming. Then we hopped out off the pool. we had to go and get change in the changing room. All off the boys were changing in the boys changing room and the girls were changing in the girls changing room. When all off the boys and girls got out of the changing room we went back on the school bus and went school to have a rest. We were all on the bus. It was the best day ever at the pools with our instructors, but we were at the school and had a rest.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

flying kites

Flying kites

On tuesday when we left for the pools we were going to fly our kites when we get back. Our helper back at class was making one more kite for one more person. When we came back from swimming. we went to fly our kites. We went outside to test our kites to see if they can fly. Heaps of people were excited to fly their kites. To make a kite. You will need collatape, string, kebab sticks, and plastic bag, paper for the string to hold on to. Miss Sharma was recording us flying our kites on the concrete and the on the field.