Friday, July 28, 2017


In the holidays, me Image result for maori maraeand my family went to have a sleepover at a Marae. It was a sunny and  bright day and it was getting a bit hot too.
Suddenly mum “said that we should go to the pools” mum said. so we decided to take a swim. We packed our swimming togs and our swimming gear. We packed food too in case we got hungry! I particularly like those cheese rolls that mum makes, They are incredibly tasty.

When we had packed our gear and togs we went to the pools. We had a swim in the outside and the inside pool. I did a big splash and we had swim race. My mum won all the races. Then when we went back home, then we had a change. We had a quick shower. And we got change into our normal clothes.

So with all that fun we went up north. It was a 5 hour cold and freezing trip up north. To see our uncle that was up north, he passed away. And it was his birthday to. So it was winterer and it was so cold to. lucky we brought jackets and when we get there and wait until it is dark will light up fireworks. It was a long journey but we all played i spy when we got there and we telled a few jokes then as soon as we arrived there were all our Cousins and Auntys and Uncles. They were happy to see us.

When it was night time everybody was excited that we were going to light the fireworks. There were little fireworks and big fireworks. The little one blasted little flames, but the big one blasted big flame ones.

Then it was time to go to sleep. Then we went to sleep, I had a 7 hour sleep in my bed then I woke up. It was our last day at the Marae so we said goodbye to my uncle. 5hours later we went to go have a feed at a fish and chips restaurant. it was tasty and INCREDIBLY YUMMY! Then we went home.


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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

to be a farmer

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When I grow up I will be a farmer so that I grow vegetables fruits for lots and lots of hungry people. I will look after my animals too.I will feed them,I will find some where they can sleep too. I will have cows, sheep, pigs and goats. Every day I will plant seeds, give them some water until they grow as vegetables or fruits. I will feed the cows hay, I will feed the pigs apples, and I will feed my sheep with apples.

Friday, July 7, 2017

food vestival

At the food tasting festival we had to make our food groups. There were the five major food groups, a mealed plate, breads, cereals, juices, and chocolate. We had to explain about the food groups  how it is healthy and how it's not. The first one was the 5 major food groups. We had to put the foods in the right place then we had to check it if they were right or wrong.Then we had to do the mealed plate one, we should have half vegetables and fruits and a quarter off grain and proteins.

Then it was the bread one. It was about that what has the most nutrient, the refined grain is not healthy because it has less nutrient but the whole grain has the most nutrient. Then we had to look at the breads, there were white bread and brown bread with seeds. The breads with the seeds are healthy because they have the
most nutrient. Then we went to the cereals, we had to talk about that what is the healthiest cereal. The porridge was the healthy cereal in out off all the other cereals. Because it has 0.1 grams of sugar in it. And you can make porridge at home.

Then we went to the juice there were orange juice and mango juice, they had to decide which they have and which is the healthy juice. The orange juice is the healthy one because it has less sugar in it. Then they had to taste the juices.

Then the last one was the chocolate we made it last because we didn't have time to make the chocolate. And that was all off our food groups.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Breakfast is important because it makes us fit and makes our body fill up. It makes our brain be smart and have knowledge. If you have no breakfast and your early at school you get to have breakfast at school. If you had no breakfast you won't have any fuel to start up your bodies and then you will not learn much because your brain and your body are not working hundred percent. If you don't have breakfast you
won't have any energy.

It is important that you have breakfast every day because it makes you get smart.
It is important to add the four major food groups.

And you can get hydrated by drinking water. You are not allowed to drink fizzy drinks that means you won't get hydrated. Breakfast is the most important thing to have for every morning so make good choices.

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