Friday, May 12, 2017

my test

Today what happened was we were reading school journals. then we had to teach our buddy to ask Questions about in the story we were reading. Then we were doing a form that we had to fill out. Then after when we were finish that we had to go on google maps to find somoa then we had to see where is mount everest. Then after that we put it blog and we had to sit on the mat. We had someone from another class to record us. We saw the chocolate and that was to record us for. We had two big chocolate wrap up there was dark chocolate and anther chocolate. It said how many healthy persent it was it said 90. Thats real healthy. Then we trie. It taste like coffee we had big piece but miss braked little pieces for us to eat. Then we taste the second one then we tried it . it was the best and amazing. It was awesome then when we had to vote for the chocolate heaps of people picked the first chocolate then someone said yukky then everybody laughed then after that we had to stop recording and go back to our work.m

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