Wednesday, October 25, 2017

golf range

Golf range
“This is going to be exciting” i said. Me and my family went on the coolest trip ever. We  were playing a game called cricket. It is a game when you count the cars. Its like when a car comes by past, thats one. The vans are 2, the motorbikes are 6. The trailers are 4. But the truck is out that means you have to start all over again.

The score was up to 50. We started when we got to a dark tunnel. When we got out off the tunnel we started counting the cars that are coming past. When we came past a dead tree. It fell of and crashed landed on the road. It happened when we got out off the tunnel. Luckily for me in the car with my parents we dodge it and got through it so that we couldn't go to the golf range. “That was a close one” i mumbled.
My mum got shocked how that tree had fallen off and blocking the way for the drivers to get through. We were half away from getting to golf range. When we made it there we saw a game that was a sniping rifle that was shouting down the animals. We went at the counter to go get our balls for golf range. Golf range is when you have to hit the ball and whoevers the farest wins.

We each got 60 golf balls. We made a deal off if we hit the car on the golf field we get 10 dollars. I hired as far as i can to get the car. By the time we had one golf ball my mum and me got it so we got ten dollars from my mums mate and gave us both 5 dollars. My mate hit far into the trees. I was impressed. Even we paid for an cricket game to. There was an ball machine that launched balls out so we can hit it. I went in the slow one and i got a few balls. Then my my mum didn't want an turn so my mums friend went on the fast one. The balls were coming fast like flash. He got all off them. I never ever seen anyone hit all off the balls like that, when it was finished it was time to go home. When we came past the dead tree we saw a construction lifting the tree up so the cars that came past have to turn around on the other side off the road. After that we went to timezone to play some games and bowling.

There was a mcdonalds by it to. So we had a quick game off bowling. Then we played some games to. We had 30 tokens each and tried to win some tickets. When we came back into the middle we told each other how much we got. I got 40 tickets, my mum got 50, and my mom's friend got 70. I didn't want to spend it so i took the tickets with back home. We went to the mcdonalds next door. Then when i went home it was dark time. So i had to go to sleep for school.

The end

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