Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Footbridge

Last week in miami\America I heard that Footbridge
collapsed on the passing cars. 10 people got killed
and 4 people got injured. People were trapped in their
cars screaming for help waiting to be rescued. Some
of  Steel and concrete from the footbridge fell on the
cars crushing people in their cars. The ambulances
and fire trucks went rushing to the people who were
stuck under the bridge.

The bridge was created to keep people safe.
Last year an 18 year old student was crossing
the road trying too get to university.
But when she was crossing the road she
got run over and got killed.

The investigation is still going for how the
footbridge collapsed. The builders assembled
it in 6 hours and suspect that it was made in a
hurry. They say that construction these days are
not reliable. now people in miami are scared to walk
on any Footbridges.

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