Thursday, May 3, 2018

Our solar system

Our solar system

Our solar system consists of 8 planets, 1 sun, and lots of moon. There are other heavenly bodies like shooting stars, black holes, and meteors. There might be a possibility out in space might be strange things beyond our solar system. Our solar system is in the milky way. There were professionals that have discovered that there are other solar systems. We might be unaware of aliens, unicorns, and mermaids. There might be a possibility of other suns in other solar systems.

The earth is a beautiful world for all boys and girls. This planet has trees, water, and land. It is the only planet that has oxygen. All the other planets in the solar system have no trees, no water, and no oxygen. That's why we can’t survive in the other planets all other planets are too hot and too cold too live on. Some off the planets are made out of gas. That’s why it's so hot.

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